Amason Freeze Thaw Cabinets

Why Us?

Our freeze-thaw cabinets are leading edge, providing both increased capacity and lower operating costs than our competitors. Our Cabinets take up 1/3 of the floor space of a conventional freeze-thaw cabinet, while holding more samples. Our dual door cabinet holds more than double the capacity of a conventional model while only requiring 2/3 of the floor space! Our models use a air-over design, allowing samples to be heated and cooled more evenly, giving better test results. Our cabinets don't need to be fully loaded to operate either, they preform the same loaded with one sample as they do with twenty-five.

Our Cabinets

  • Cabinet Design
  • Up to 25 Samples
  • 120v Power
  • Lower Energy Footprint
  • Off-the-shelf Components
  • Approximately 5 amp Draw
  • Up to 10-12 Daily Cycles

Our Competitors

  • Chest Design
  • Up to 18 Samples
  • 240v Power Required
  • Higher Energy Footprint
  • Proprietary Parts
  • 25+ amp Draw
  • Up to 6-8 Daily Cycles