Who We Are

We're Local

John Amason and his family have been in the Atlanta area for three generations, and have been involved in the HVAC business for the past 38 years. We're a part of your local community and we're always here to help.

We've got the knowledge.

In our 38 years serving your needs, we've seen just about every last issue imaginable. Our dedicated employees provide expert knowledge and workmanship in servicing and installing all types of HVAC systems. It is our goal to provide you with quality work at an affordable price, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We've Got Your Back

 At Amason Mechanical, we remain focused on understanding our customer’s needs, and tailor our services to meet those needs in a quality, timely, and cost effective manner.  Problems always creep up, and if you don't how to solve them it can be really intimidating. We understand that and we're here to help; whether it be a thermostat on the fritz, a compressor that won't cooperate, or an old unit that just needs a little TLC, you can depend on us.